Céline Dewavrin


I apprehend each new project of decorative painting as the exhilarating opportunity to put at the service of the interior decoration and the different crafts that gravitate in this universe, the techniques and materials discovered and mastered during my training and my experience.

Trained initially in the drawing and painting techniques of the Martenot Pedagogy, I learn the expressiveness of the gesture, the accuracy of the look and the balance of the compositions. The history of the art that I study and the world of interior decoration that I discover throughout professional encounters, come to seal, in a second time, my vocation as a decorative painter.

Graduated from Jean Sablé Mural Art school in Versailles, I started solo and set up my studio in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. I constantly reinvent techniques and compositions and work, hand in hand with the interior designers, to create and make wall decor endowed with excellence and singularity.

Atelier Céline Dewavrin 

6, rue Claude Pouillet 
75017 Paris – France 
+ 33 6 82 27 89 50